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My Weight Loss Journey

No one said it would be easy.. But in the end it will be worth it!

8 January
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I have a wonderful Life. I am blessed with everything that god has given me. A great husband, great friends, a beautiful family and a wonderful growing business. I can’t be loving life anymore then I do now :) This is my journey threw weight loss. I have always been a little overweight threw all of my life. I have had my moment that I have lost a lot of weight but always seem to gain it back. Ever since I meet my husband about 7 years ago I have gained about 80 pounds. We got married 3 years ago and I gained 50 pounds in a year. I now am at my breaking point and I am starting my journey threw weight loss. So far so good! I am open to any supportive friendships. Thank you!

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1st goal: Get out of the 300's
2nd goal: Reach 280 (how much i weighed when I got married)
3rd goal: get to 250 pds (my half way point)
4th goal: Anything that is close to 180 even if It was 200 I will be happy with

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